Why businesses should get into the concept of Pop-up Stores?

Pop-up stores gained much attention in this decade. Online shops are also going in the craze, building their own stores for specific audiences at specific places. Why are businesses interested in this concept?

As a B2C business, why you should be interested?

This is mainly because of the necessities in targeting a set audience in the short-term. The cost of building and maintaining a store is also a factor for businesses to decide building pop-up shops.

A pop-up store. (Photo: www.midis.com)

These stores, or pop-up retail in general, is more seen in the toys and apparel industries. It can also be applied to other segments. A game-themed cafe, or a sale booth inside a bazaar can be considered part of these. Malls often have pop-up stores especially during the holidays.

An effective pop-up store serves as its own advertising sign as well as a physical store. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. Sometimes, the goal of putting these kinds of stores is to sell most of the store’s remaining inventory. Oftentimes, they are built from riding the current trends.

Any B2C business can take advantage of the concept of pop-up store. In this case, we can include warehouse sales as such. In short, while this store concept is often short-lived, increased sales are expected when this is executed at the right place and the right time.

Try to consider this in your annual Marketing Plan and compare with your peers.

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