5 quotes on Marketing to help you check if there’s anything missing

January’s almost over, and we hope you are ready to execute (or already executing) your Marketing Plan for 2020.

Here are 5 more quotes on Marketing to help you check if there’s anything missing before you roll your plan out in the wild:

“Your landing pages are based on information and content. You will want to treat the content of LinkedIn ads the same way. The user is trying to decide if they are going to give their information in exchange for what you are offering. The content will drive them.”

Mark McIntyre, “Tips From A Digital Marketing Agency On Creating Your Own Successful Ad Campaign in 2020”

“Ultimately, the buying process is no longer linear. Client engagement is as broad and diverse as the digital field, so innovating our ideas of what real conversion looks like will be crucial in the coming years.”

Alex Chan, “Digital Marketing Strategies In 2020: Trends And Tips”

“We live in a digital era where nearly everything is available immediately and millennials love this. We don’t even need to leave the house to go shopping, watch a movie, get food, or talk to friends and loved ones. Jumping on this bandwagon is absolutely vital to marketing success.”

Neron Meiler, “How To Market To Millennials In 2020?”

“Google My Business or GMB is a free tool used by organizations and businesses to manage their online presence across different search engines. For that reason, the GMB listing is essential to local companies to show up in Google maps and Search Engine Results Pages.”

Liezen Anne Inte, “7 Different Ways To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing For 2020”

“It should be pointed out that, since this is 2020, your digital marketing agency business plan should also start introducing certain terms and concepts that will be the future of digital marketing, such as A.I. in digital, natural language processing, data analytics, account-based marketing and so on.”

Emma Miller, “How To Create A Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan In 2020”

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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