5 TED talks for Marketing Professionals

5 TED talks for Marketing Professionals

TED is a good place to learn more about the world we live in, providing thousands of talks about Technology, Entertainment, Design among other things. On this post, we will share our choice of 5 TED talks that we believe will resonate among marketing professionals.

Reconsider gender stereotyping

“So, if you are, like me, a person that is in business, that I am constantly worried about what is my role in the broader societal discussions, if you’re listening to your business and you hear things like, “Oh, my target are women, my target are men, this goes to young girls, young boys,” when it’s that gender conversation, unless you are working, again, in a very specific, gender-specific product category, take this as a warning sign, because if you keep having these conversations, you will keep perpetuating stereotypes of people and making people think that men and women are different.”

“Why gender-based marketing is bad for business,” Gaby Barrios, TED@BCG Mumbai

People will remember a single oopsie regardless of how great you are

“So the physics is that you cannot prove a hypothesis, but it’s easy to disprove it — any hypothesis is shaky. And the marketing is that not matter how much you’ve invested in your brand, one bad week can undermine decades of good work. So be really careful to try and avoid the screw-ups that can undermine your brand.”

“What physics taught me about marketing,” Dan Cobley, TEDGlobal 2010

…but you can put a 404 error page oopsie to work on your favor.

“Dailypath that offers inspiration put inspiration on their 404 page. Stayhound, which helps you find pet sitters through your social network, commiserated with your pet. Each one of them found this. It turned into a 24-hour contest. At 4:04 the next day, we gave out $404 in cash. And what they learned was that those little things, done right, actually matter, and that well-designed moments can build brands.”

“404, the story of a page not found,” Renny Gleeson, TED2012

Be the odd one that pops out

“So my three stories. Silk put a product that does not need to be in the refrigerated section next to the milk in the refrigerated section. Sales tripled. Why? Milk, milk, milk, milk, milk — not milk. For the people who were there and looking at that section, it was remarkable. They didn’t triple their sales with advertising; they tripled it by doing something remarkable. That is a remarkable piece of art.”

“How to get your ideas to spread,” Seth Godin, TED2003

The market always changes its ways

“If you think about the last three decades, the consumer has moved from savvy about marketing in the ’90s, to gathering all these amazing social and search tools in this decade. But the one thing holding them back is the ability to discriminate. By restricting their demand, consumers can actually align their values with their spending, and drive capitalism and business to not just be about more, but to be about better.”

“The post-crisis consumer,” John Gerzema, TEDxKC

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