4 hints on Social Media you need to know this week

4 hints on Social Media you need to know this week

We’re off to our next set of tips we got from various marketing-related resources online, and we hope you can learn from these hints:

“There are two factors that drive customers to a brand: reputation and support. Customers want to be associated with brands that have an impeccable name in the market and those that treat them as King.

Marketing inclusive of social media helps businesses in providing solutions to customer issues and building a rapport. From asking queries and taking feedback to carry forward the association with customers, digital marketing encompasses all.

Positive reviews and ratings will bring in new customers and build a strong brand image.”

Social Frontier Co-founder Abdulla Basha

“[…] People tend to believe familiar people more than descriptions or reviews of your goods on your webpage. If you keep your current customers satisfied and happy, ultimately they will be the one who will promote your brand to their friends and acquaintances.”

Sunny Popali, “What is the Impact of Social Media on Your Marketing”

“Too many B2B content marketers assume that their marketing efforts are limited compared to those in B2C niches. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

People are still as attracted to elements such as images, video, interactive tools, and mobile friendly options when making purchasing decisions for companies as they are when making purchasing decisions to themselves.

As long as you know your customer and your brand, you can use almost every one of the digital marketing tactics here to expand knowledge or your brand, build relationships, and generate leads.”

Jonathan Emmen, “9 Digital Marketing Tactics And How to Use Them Wisely”

“Entrepreneurs that adopt a social media strategy that empowers social media influence, and recruit influencers, benefit their startup in many ways, such as helping the startup company to set the tone in its industry or niche, exposing its products and services to large audiences, and providing added value by amplifying positive coverage.”

Ron Sela, “Social Media Influence and Your Startup Company”

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