5 quotes on Marketing to cap off February 2020

It’s almost the weekend – and the end of the month as well! Let’s cap off 2020 with a special set of quotes about Marketing:

“Our brands will always have naysayers – you can’t please everyone all the time. However, if negative comments about our brand far outweigh the positive, that signals a deeper problem.”

Chris McCormick, “7 Secrets to Successful Brand Reputation Management on Social Media”

“Think about what will provide the most value to your audience. What do they want to learn? Ultimately this should be why you’re making a webinar in the first place. Having a clear goal in mind will inform all the decisions that follow on your path to making a great webinar.”

Rebecca Whitaker, “How to Make a Webinar Your Audience Will Love”

“At the end of the day, B2B customers like your product because it helps them succeed on the job. So, to create brand evangelists, make customer success your number one goal. It has to be integral to your company culture, and every employee in every role should understand that your ultimate mission is to help customers succeed.”

Rochelle Richelieu, “A 4-Point Plan to Transform Your B2B Customers into Brand Evangelists”

“Timing is everything and targeting for seasonal behavior is key for online retailers. Surf gear ads in the winter and ski gear ads in the summer aren’t likely to resonate. That said, the trends and consumer behaviors may surprise you. Look at search trends data and your own analytics to be able to anticipate — and get ahead of — your seasonal upticks.”

Taylor Peterson, “3 tips for optimizing paid social campaigns for seasonality”

“People are most easily and quickly interested in information directly related to what interests them — especially information that promises fascinating secrets, solutions to problems, prevention for dire threats, promises of seductive benefits or timely “breaking news.” This is the breakthrough prescription for magnetic communication.”

Dan S. Kennedy, “The 3 Ms of Successful Direct Marketing Campaigns”

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Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash

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