8 quotes on Marketing that we featured on Valentine’s week

8 quotes on Marketing that we featured on Valentine's week

On this week’s recap, we list down the 8 quotes on Marketing you may have missed last week while you are probably celebrating (or dwelling on) Valentine’s week:

We know that digital marketing continues to grow. B2B marketers are shifting funds from traditional channels into digital. In order to determine your optimal budget, determine how your customers’ digital experience fits into your overall marketing plan, assess the complexity of your sales cycle, and ensure you are investing adequate funds to properly assess results.

Dale Hursh, “How much should B2B companies invest in digital marketing?”

Our research suggests that only 5.7% of all newly published pages reach the first page of Google within a year. That’s no surprise. SEO is a long-term game. So while it makes sense to focus on these low-hanging tactics, they’re no replacement for a long-term SEO strategy.

Si Quan Ong, “How to Improve SEO: 8 Tactics That Don’t Require New Content”

In the coming year, we anticipate that we’ll continue to see heavy trends toward video content. Facebook has made it clear that they’re putting a lot of resources into its video platform.

Susan Moeller, “The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement”

Whether you’ve already started your blog and business or not, this is a critical consideration. Determining who your blog is for will not only help you be more effective in your writing, but also ensure that none of your blog posts are wasted on a disinterested audience.

Mike Allton, “7 Steps To Create A Successful, Profitable Blog”

Since machine learning at its core is about learning, the sooner you can embed it into your internal process, the more time the technology will have to become proficient in your specific business operations. Additionally, your team will gain expertise on how best to use the tools to enhance their productivity and can use the time saved to invest in better marketing strategies, putting you at a great advantage over your competitors.

Mark Stiles, “The AI and Machine Learning Revolution Is Coming for Content Marketing”

“[Surprise and delight] experiences make customers feel listened to and valued, and it goes without saying that it drives loyalty in an arena where churn is available at the touch of a button,” said [Swrve CEO Tara] Ryan. “When you treat your customers to messages and communications that are micro-targeted and triggered based on behaviors not only in the past, but in real time too, you speak to them as individuals, as opposed to larger audience groups.”

Kaya Ismail, “5 Successful Surprise and Delight Marketing Campaigns”

Using digital marketing without a strategic approach is still commonplace. I’m sure many of the companies in this category are using digital media effectively and they could certainly be getting great results from their search, email or social media marketing. But I’m equally sure that many are missing opportunities for better targeting or optimization, or are suffering from the other challenges I’ve listed below. Perhaps the problems below are greatest for larger organizations who most urgently need governance.

Dave Chaffey, “10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2020”

Let’s face it: We live in a technology-driven world, and digital marketing has in many ways surpassed traditional channels. With consumers now turning to the internet for every question they have, it’s easy to understand why thoughtful digital marketing can make or break a business. Without it, any company is as good as dead in the water.

Chris Porteous, “Don’t Let Digital Marketing Mistakes Derail Your Business”

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