9 Marketing Quotes that remind you to focus on your goals

9 Marketing Quotes that remind you to focus on your goals

Another working week has started for all of us – and we hope you are feeling great as you cap off your time in the office this Monday.

As always, we are recapping last week’s links that we have posted on Facebook on this post. The topic: Focus. Take a look:

“A well-written report can be used to prove, with the right data, that your marketing strategy has grown your targeted business outcome–such as an increase of sales for a certain product or an improved rate of returning customers. Be sure to answer these four critical questions when writing a digital marketing report: how much money are you spending, how many people are you reaching, how effective is your marketing, and how much money are you making back from the marketing expenses. Regular reporting will help keep your marketing goals on track.”

Ron Sela, “What Is Performance Marketing & How to Make It Work for You”

“48% of the most effective marketing professionals say that they have a clearly defined editorial mission statement. 49% found that a documented editorial mission statement improved the effectiveness of their efforts. In spite of this only 28% actually do have an editorial mission statement.”

Diana Beyer, “7 Tips For Improving Your B2B Marketing Plan”

“The only other thing you really need to concentrate on is your content marketing. Not only should your blog posts be well thought out and well written, your social media marketing posts should also be well written and well thought out. Too many people don’t think about what they are posting when they are posting on online social sites, but if you are trying to gain respect as the voice of authority in whatever your niche area is, you need to constantly be aware of what you are posting.”

Ron Sela, “Social Media Marketing Insights for Influencers”

“A simple way to keep research at the forefront of strategy is to do a quick assessment of what types would be useful for a project. Is this something that needs primary research, or is secondary research readily available? How can qualitative and quantitative data each help with insight and ideas?”

Cavol Forbes, “Digital Strategy – Gleaning Insights from Information”

“Attending summits, events or conferences is a great way for you to be seen and to start the next step of transitioning yourself into a SME in your industry. Individuals who are often asked to speak at these events are not usually someone has not heard of. These individuals are active within the industry and are working to get their name and expertise in front of the right people. If you want to take this next leap, start here.”

“5 Reasons You Should Attend A Summit Targeted Toward Your Industry,” Advantix Digital

“Digital marketing is more than just content marketing, email, and paid advertising. And your brand image is more than just the message you broadcast. You need to consider what the communication channels you use say about your brand as well. Changing how your product is ordered or received is another aspect of creative digital marketing.”

Eric Siu, “30 Brands with the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns”

“Ultimately, tech companies have all the technology they need for success, they just need to recognize that their customers — often other businesses — can be profiled and anticipated in much the same way consumers can be. By making the effort, tech companies can pull ahead of the pack and make a better showing. […]”

Jill Steinhour, “Digital Marketing Trends for Tech: Putting Customers at the Forefront”

“If you know exactly what your customers struggle with, you’ll know how to pitch your product or solution in a way that solves their problems, and in turn, your audience will be much more receptive to your messaging.”

John E. Lincoln, “How to Start a Digital Marketing Strategy (that gets results)”

“If you engage with the right customer, at the right time, about topics or business solutions that interest them, you gain (and earn) customer loyalty. Customers want content that speaks to them directly. If you can’t quickly manage and launch campaigns that are relevant and interesting, then you’ll lose not only the customer’s attention but their business. Help them learn what they want to know with agile, personalized campaigns that scale across channels.”

Julie Wilson, “Explore Digital Transformation in Marketing | 5 Risks of Doing Nothing”

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