Why you need to consider Marketing to the Gaming Niche

Marketing to the Gaming Niche

We are already at the age of content, where the consumer is the producer, and the platforms are aggregators. In the case of the gaming community, gaming videos on YouTube are viewed for 50 billion hours in 2018.

That’s a lot of time.

Fast forward to 2020, even one of our key resource speakers Donald Lim agrees that esports is here for real – citing Josiah Go, “Esports will start to become an attractive medium as more eyeballs shift to watching esports via Facebook live and Twitch, and casual players drive social media conversations and views.”

Source: Newzoo

Esports is influential

In the US, gaming content influences 24% of buying decisions (an example will be a play-through of a newly-released game). This is according to Newzoo, which conducts research related to esports and gaming.

It’s also worthy to note that 24% of US viewers decide where to watch based on the host/streamer, which means that this number knows who to follow when viewing gaming content.

Source: Newzoo

Newzoo also posted their “Esports trends to watch in 2020,” which means that marketers can match their promotion strategy with mobile-first practices, offer in-game content sponsorships, and show their brands in places with high visibility – aside from promoting esports teams.

In other words, esports is here to stay, and esports is here to be a reckoning marketing platform. Even Google says so.

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